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SMA Fathers Nigeria

The Society of African Missions (SMA) first arrived in Nigeria in 1863

The Society of African Missions is an international community of Catholic missionaries who serve the people of Africa and people of African descent around the world. SMA stands for our official name: Society of African Missions. People often ask, then why SMA and not SAM? The initials refer to the name in Latin: Societas Missionum ad Afros.  SMA was founded at Lyons (France) in 1856 by the  Venerable Bishop Melchior de Marion Brésillac.


  1. To promote the  mission of our Lord Jesus Christ through the charism and spirit of the SMA
  2. To build up a strong missionary movement in Nigeria independent of, but in close collaboration with, the Society of African Missions.


  1. To build up awareness of our common Christian call to mission.
  2. To foster family vocations and promote the Society of African Missions in, and through, the Bight of Benin District – in-Formation.
  3. To develop our own missionary charism in the exercise of our call to mission
  4. To encourage people to pray for candidates who will commit themselves to the priesthood and for the success of our missionary work.
  5. To collaborate with other lay members, Religious and Priests so as to support the missionary movement through SMA Mission Groups. 
  6. To be committed to living the gospel by collaborating with the SMA to reach out to the most abandoned.
  7. To provide financial support for:
    • The education of our SMA students.
    • The support of SMA priests in their work of evangelization in the Bight-of-Benin District-in-Formation and elsewhere as the need arises.
  8. To work for social justice in all its dimensions.

Our Mission

The SMA mission prioritize primary evangelization areas and places of special needs focusing primarily on Africa and the people of African origin. SMA members come from Europe, America (North and South), Asia and Africa herself. In all, majority of the SMA members from the very beginning till today have worked in Africa and among the people of African origin.
Being the first Catholic missionary congregation to arrive in some parts of Africa the Society of African Missions (SMA), has been at the fore front of planting churches in African communities and gradually withdrawing as the church become self-sustaining and only maintain a simple presence for the purpose of missionary vocation sourcing and fund raising for the assistance of other dependent churches.
The mission of the SMA in Nigeria has been about evangelization (the preaching of the good news) through education, promotion of primary health care, promotion of dialogue for a peaceful co-existence and the grooming of the youth.

Our Lifestyle

After the example of the first Christian community, we come together to listen to the word of God and to share it, to celebrate the Eucharist and the Prayer of the Divine Office, and so strengthen our family spirit and foster a climate of peace and openness.
A simple lifestyle, close to the poor, sharing with them what we are and what we have, helps to make us a prophetic sign of a new world according to the Gospel. Truly missionary, our communities are attentive to the life of the churches and the people we serve.
Through the power of the Holy Spirit, lasting fidelity to our missionary commitment, the witness of celibacy for the sake of the Kingdom, observance of our particular law as our rule of life, we seek to be joyful witnesses among the nations, to the Good News of Jesus Christ, to the faith that is in us, to the hope that animates us and to the fraternal and liberating power of the Gospel.
Members and associates are to uphold high ethical, ecclesial and pastoral standards in their personal lives and ministries.
Units and individuals advance the safeguarding of children and of vulnerable adults in collaboration with the local Church.
We maintain close ties with all who help and support our missionary work, especially with our families and benefactors. They share in our prayers and work.
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